Help make a difference

When it comes to doing your bit to help protect the environment, the little things can make a difference. That’s why we offer Carbon Offset* with all our fuel orders . Its a simple way to help offset the emissions from your heating oil order. Read on to find out more.

How carbon offsetting works

When you live off grid and rely on heating oil, the unavoidable emissions from your fuel can contribute to climate change which isn’t good. But when you carbon offset your fuel order with us, you’ll be investing in carbon saving projects which compensate for these emissions over time.
You can carbon offset your order online or over the phone.

1. Place your order with us.

We’ll work out your carbon offset contribution based on the size of your heating oil order and add it to your final bill. This costs just 1.31p per litre**.

2. Invest in climate change projects.

Your contribution goes straight to carbon saving projects across the world, run by our partners at Carbon Footprint Ltd.

3. Help reduce your fuel impact.

Each of the projects you're helping to support is audited on an annual basis to check they have funded the right amount of carbon savings we are funding across the world.

Do your bit for the environment

Discover the sustainable carbon saving projects you’ll be contributing to.

Tree planting on home soil

Trees are planted near UK schools and other selected sites to promote biodiversity and wildlife. Over time, every tree planted saves one tonne of carbon in the Amazon rainforest under the Avoided Deforestation Programme.

India solar power

A new solar farm in Karnataka state displaces the use of fossil fuels in the electricity grid and is expected to prevent about 160,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.


Ten wind turbines provide electricity to the national electricity distribution company on the Caribbean island of  Aruba. Generating up to 15% of the island’s electricity production and helping to reduce emissions by an estimated 152,783 tonnes of C02 per year.


A renewable wind power project in Jianggang Town, East China involves 100 wind turbines to displace the use of fossil fuels in the power plants connected into the East China power grid. It is expected to reduce emissions by 338,011 CO2 per year on average.

frequently asked questions

If you’re living off-grid and using heating oil, it’s always good to give something back to the environment where you can, to help compensate for emissions that your heating oil creates

For many homes the options to help you do this can be limited, which is why we offer Carbon Offsetting. This is a way to help you offset the impact of burning your heating oil.  

When you Carbon Offset your fuel order, your contribution will be invested in carbon reducing projects around the world via our partner Carbon Footprint Ltd.

You are still using the same, high-quality kerosene when you choose carbon offsetting. It simply means you’re also investing in carbon-reducing projects around the world when you order.

A small contribution makes a big difference. We charge just 1.31p** for every litre of heating oil you order. Based on the average home heating oil order, this equates to about £10.48**. 

**Correct at time of writing, 01/11/2021. £10.48 is based on a fuel order of 800 litres.

The minimum order to offset your fuel is the same as the minimum order for heating oil from Scottish Fuels – 500 litres.

At this time, we cannot carbon offset for previous orders. You need to tell us if you’d like to carbon offset every time you order – that way we can calculate the cost and add this to your bill.

You cannot choose which project your funds go towards. Scottish Fuels works with a company called Carbon Footprint Ltd., who support a number of projects worldwide on our behalf. Instead of choosing a specific project, you’ll be contributing to multiple projects within our portfolio. This means we’re working with accredited bodies and contributing to global carbon offset projects that meet strict international standards.

At the time of writing, we have three global projects and one UK project in our portfolio with Carbon Footprint Ltd. Crucially, we only source from projects that meet the strictest international standards, and help us to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We calculate carbon offsets using emissions factors guided by the UK Government. This is known as CO2e, a metric that converts the impact of all greenhouse gases (such as nitrous oxide and methane) into the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide. All liquid fuels use this CO2e conversion factor.

You may have heard the terms ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘net zero’ used interchangeably. They essentially mean the same thing. Net zero is the total of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere, minus those that have been removed, which equals zero.

By carbon offsetting your fuel order, you will be compensating for your emissions and investing in carbon reduction projects. In 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass laws for bringing all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

We’re proud to say , the Certas Energy group of companies has been offsetting emissions from our operations since joining forces with Carbon Footprint Ltd. in 2019. 

*We’ll estimate your carbon offset contribution based on the size of your order and add it to your final bill. Your contribution will go to Carbon Footprint Ltd who invest it in global projects to offset your emissions. Each of their projects is independently certified to meet the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) or Gold Standard – the globally recognised benchmarks for carbon reduction. They are audited on an annual basis which includes checking they have funded the right amount of carbon savings in the projects we are supporting around the world.**Price correct at the time of publishing (1 November 2021)